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Proyección de futuro
Future proyection

The Málaga and Benalmádena Hotel and Catering Schools, a joint project of the Department of Employment of the Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government of Andalusia) together with the city councils of Málaga and Benalmádena respectively, stand for one of the most promising educational projects in the European Union nowadays, because of its social usefulness; turning young people into highly-qualified professionals, with a permanent and well-paid job guaranteed at the end of their training programmer or allowing them to start their own business.

Entorno real de trabajo
Real workspace

One of the most remarkable characteristics of these schools is that both of them have a restaurant, opened to the public, where the students get their training in real work situations and where the success of the schools is due to the students’ constant inter-action with real professional life in a hotel or restaurant that must be a leader in this field.


Profesorado altamente cualificado
Highly qualifield staff

The teaching staff are all highly qualified professionals, renowned in their respective fields, with a curriculum closely connected to the needs of the hotel and restaurant business, offering a very flexible vocational training which, together with their very good relationship and communication with the restaurant business community, have resulted in a most favorable response.

For sources highly qualified of the Social European Found, has been admitted that these two Schools of Hotel and catering business of Malaga and Benalmádena develop at present a formative unpublished and extremely promising modality in the area of the countries of the European Union for the following characteristics of the same one:

  1. Maximum social profitability of this type of center, since the ratio of investment in formation / formation of high quality and insertion on the labour market reaches a few levels so socially ideal that overcome fully the habitual parameters in the U.E.
  2. The incorporation of these young men to the professional world into the field of the hotel and catering business of the Costa del Sol starts changing positively a previous situation of imbalance and professional and managerial settling that, for the lack of qualification of the human resources of the province, was forcing to many hotel companies of the Costa del Sol to matter his(her,your) executives and enclosedly intermediate controls from other regions or countries, blocking the way to the creation of a managerial autochthonous fabric.
  3. Formative experimental experience, these two schools open a few alternative routes for the traditional scheme of formation in hotel and catering business of the U.E. focused, in many cases, towards a professional and managerial obsolete reality and, therefore, irrelevantly for the world of the company.
La Cónsula
La Cónsula
La Fonda
La Fonda